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Gun Law Violations 

Despite the Federal Constitution’s guarantee of the right to bear arms, the laws regulating firearms and other weapons can ensnare even the most innocent citizen.  Florida law explicitly recognizes the right of its citizens to bear arms for lawful purposes but imposes many restrictions on the manner, time and place of possession.  Generally, a citizen is free to possess a weapon or firearm, even concealed, within their home or business.    It is unlawful, however, to openly display or carry a firearm in public places within the State of Florida.  Concealed weapons permits are subject to restrictions on where they apply.

As with many crimes in Florida, firearms are the subject of many harsh mandatory sentencing provisions.   Most criminal offenses are severely enhanced by possession,  use, or discharge of a firearm.  For example,  the “10, 20, Life” legislation requires a mandatory 20 years in prison for the discharge of a firearm, regardless of harm, during the commission of an crime.  Jurors are prevented by law from being told the penalty, and a minor altercation may have significant life changing consequences if a defense is not thoroughly prepared and presented.

How may a firearm defense attorney assist in the defense of a Firearm or Weapons offense?

An experienced criminal defense attorney will carefully interview the accused person to learn all the facts about what happened, and will obtain all evidence and information being relied on by the prosecution.  An investigator may be hired to interview or gather additional evidence necessary for a defense.  By understanding the defenses available and the law as it applies to each factual situation, a careful investigation may preserve the evidence necessary for a dismissal or acquittal.

If you are charged with a weapons or firearm violation, treat it seriously, as your rights and your freedom may be severely affected if convicted.  Contact a Gainesville firearm or weapons offense lawyer at  DeThomasis and Buchanan for knowledgeable, effective and experienced representation in your case.