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Each lawyer in this firm has more than 25 years experience practicing criminal defense in Gainesville, Florida and surrounding areas, including Alachua, Levy, Bradford, Union and Gilchrist Counties.

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Expungement & Sealing of Criminal History Records

A criminal arrest can impair your life in many ways.  Your criminal arrest history can be viewed by anyone because it is contained within Florida’s public records.  Any time you apply for a job prospective employers can see your entire criminal history which can impact their hiring decision.  This is also true for any housing or educational opportunities you may plan on pursuing.

Fortunately, Florida law allows for either sealing or expunging an official criminal record in cases that did not result in conviction.

Although the specific requirements for either the sealing or expungement process are different, both procedures allow a person the right to deny having been arrested or charged with a crime.  The sealing process results in the file actually being placed under seal and removed from public access; the expungement process results in  physical destruction of the file maintained by the Clerk of Court.

There are several offenses which are exempt from these procedures and several exceptions regarding your ability to lawfully deny the existence of an arrest or charge after it has been successfully sealed or expunged.  A  knowledgeable attorney who has pursued this remedy for previous clients will be able to determine your eligibility and can best advise you whether you should consider pursuing this procedure.

The attorneys at DeThomasis & Buchanan have represented numerous individuals who have successfully obtained either a sealing or expungement of their criminal history enabling them to proceed through life without the hindrance of a criminal record.

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