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September 30, 1961, Dozens Of Denver Police Officers Arrested - Today In Crime History

On this day, September 30, in the year 1961, dozens of Colorado law enforcement officers from the Denver Police Department  were arrested, stripped of their badges and firearms and hauled to jail for running a massive police burglary ring.

Denver's unformed criminals cased their targets from their police cruisers and then returned to burglarize when they knew the coast was clear, while monitoring the police radio for calls.   After the property owners would report their missing property, the same policemen who had committed the burglary would then return to “investigate” the crime and destroy any remaining evidence.  In one case, an insurance company investigator discovered a suspicious pair of pants near a burglary crime scene.   Police department detectives confiscated the pants, which then disappeared and were never located again.

The group of co-conspirators in blue were exposed after a large safe fell out of a getaway car owned by a Denver Police Officer.  That officer’s arrest and confession eventual led to an investigation and revelations that earned the city of  Denver the title "Crooked-cop capital of the United States."  September 30 ,1961, has been referred to as Denver’s “Black Saturday.”  On that day almost three dozen police officers, accused of criminal involvement in the burglary ring, were brought before Denver’s Chief of Police, James Childers, and other ranking members of the department.  Each was ordered to surrender their firearm and badge.  The disgraced officers were then marched to waiting vans and driven to be booked into the jail.

In all, more than 50 law enforcement officers were arrested.   About 40 were convicted and sent to prison.  Their convictions depleted the City of Denver Police Department force by almost 7 percent.

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