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September 28, 1973, IT&T Building Bombed In New York - Today In Crime History

On this day, September 28,  in the year 1973, a bomb was detonated at the IT&T (International Telephone & Telegraph) building in New York.  The explosive device was placed in the company's Latin American section and caused extensive damage to several offices.  No one was killed or injured.  Another bomb was detonated that same day at IT&T's Rome headquarters.

The radical group “Weather Underground” took responsibility for the bombings, which they claimed were in retaliation for the U.S. company's role in the overthrow of Chile’s democratically elected government earlier in September 1973.  In that coup, democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende was overthrown by the Chilean military, with assistance and support from the United States.    In 1973, IT&T owned approximately 70% of Chitelco, the Chilean Telephone Company, and funded El Mercurio, a Chilean right-wing newspaper.   Declassified documents released by the CIA in 2000 suggest that IT&T did financially help opponents of Salvador Allende's government prepare for the military coup that resulted ultimately in a military dictatorship that ruled Chile until 1990.

No person has ever been arrested or prosecuted for the criminal bombing of the IT&T building on September 28, 1973.

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