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September 22, 1975, President Ford Survives Second Assassination Attempt - Today In Crime History

On this day, September 22, in the year 1975, U.S. President Gerald Ford survived a second assassination attempt.  Sara Jane Moore attempted to shoot President Ford outside the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, just seventeen days after Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme had pointed a gun at the president.

Moore, a former FBI informant, had been evaluated by the Secret Service earlier in 1975, but that organization had determined that she presented no danger to the President.  She was detained by law enforcement on an illegal handgun charge the day before the assassination attempt, but was not arrested.  Law enforcement did, however,  confiscated her .44 caliber pistol and 113 rounds of ammunition.

Moore purchased the firearm she used in the assassination attempt on the morning of September 22.  She was about 40 feet away from President Ford, standing in the crowd across the street from the St. Francis Hotel, when she fired a single shot at him with her newly purchased .38 caliber revolver.   When Moore fired at Ford, her bullet missed and ricocheted off the entrance to the hotel.  After realizing she had missed, Moore raised her arm again, and Oliver Sipple, a Marine, dove towards her, grabbed her arm and pulled her to the ground, using his hand to keep the pistol from firing a second time.

Moore pleaded guilty to the attempted assassination and was sentenced to life in prison.   At her sentencing hearing Moore stated: "Am I sorry I tried? Yes and no. Yes, because it accomplished little except to throw away the rest of my life. And, no, I'm not sorry I tried, because at the time it seemed a correct expression of my anger."  In December 2007, at the age of 77, Moore was released from prison on parole after serving 32 years of her life sentence.  Now 81, Moore has stated that she regrets the assassination attempt, saying she was "blinded by her radical political views”.

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