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How to Lose Your License Without Even Driving

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but driving away may not be one of them if you have violated a number of non-driving laws/regulations in the State of Florida.  It is reasonable to guess that violating civil or criminal traffic laws or using a motor vehicle to commit a crime might be cause to suspend one’s license, but many other reasons may provoke a revocation of one’s driving privilege.

Here is a partial list of things not directly related to actual driving that require a court, or the DMV, to revoke your license, or delay your ability to obtain a license:

  1. Dropping out of high school will suspend the license of a person between 16 and 18 (F.S.322.091);
  2. Having a warrant or capias issued for a worthless check ((F.S. 832.09);
  3. Not having motor vehicle insurance, or, allowing it to lapse (F.S. 322.221);
  4. Failing to pay child support or to comply with a related court directive or order ( e.g. DNA testing)(F.S.322.058, and  322.245);
  5. Failing to pay or comply with any court directive in civil traffic or specified criminal cases (F.S.322.245, 322.391, 318.15);
  6. Possessing, selling, or trafficking in a controlled substance (F.S. 322.055);
  7. Providing alcohol to persons under 21 (F.S.322.057 and 562.11);
  8. Possessing  alcohol, tobacco, drugs or paraphernalia by a person under 16, and alcohol, drugs and paraphernalia if under 18 (F.S.  322.056, and 562.111);
  9. Unsupervised possession or use of a firearm, by a person under 18, or, a bb, air or gas operated gun/weapons by person under 16 (F.S. 790.22);
  10. Theft of a motor vehicle or of any part or component of a motor vehicle (F.S. 322.274);
  11. Theft of gasoline (F.S. 812.014(5)(b));
  12. Any theft if previously convicted, or, in the court’s discretion on a first conviction (F.S 812.0155);
  13. Committing  criminal mischief by graffiti if under the age of 18 (F.S. 806.13);
  14. Committing insurance fraud or patient brokering(F.S.322.26);                                                                And the grand catch-all:
  15. Committing an offense in any other state that would cause a license revocation in the state of Florida (F.S. 322.27).

As if these required instances were not enough, Florida law also allows a criminal court to impose a license revocation or suspension as a part of any probation sentence! (F.S. 948.01 (3)(a), 985.435 (2)(d), and 985.455).

So, knowing what the court or the Department of Motor Vehicles will do upon a conviction for certain crimes may be very important to your decision making calculus.

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