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Each lawyer in this firm has more than 25 years experience practicing criminal defense in Gainesville, Florida and surrounding areas, including Alachua, Levy, Bradford, Union and Gilchrist Counties.

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Helping Your Attorney Help You

Whether you are a litigant in a civil case or a defendant facing criminal charges, there will be difficult decisions you must face. Maintaining good relations with your attorney and assisting throughout the process can make your tough decisions easier.

Keeping Informed:

Although your attorney has an obligation to keep you informed as your case progresses through the system, you too should stay involved throughout the life of the case. Be sure to ask questions if you are unfamiliar with the process. Be sure to make notes when you think of questions that need to be answered.

Just as your attorney should review and update you on issues related to your case, you too should keep your attorney informed of any changes in circumstances regarding your employment, educational status, or anything that may affect the ultimate decision on how to best resolve your case.

Following Advice:

Hopefully, you should be represented by an attorney with years of experience handling similar matters to yours. With this experience, the attorney will have learned what approach will bring about the best results for your case. Listen to their advice, question it if you need to. The attorney should be able to provide you with the pros and cons of any important decision that needs to be made and will advise you to prepare yourself for each decision along the way.


Your attorney has an obligation to keep you informed, however, you should be sure that you make yourself available and are accessible through phone, mail, or email communication. There may be times when a response is necessary because of time frames imposed by the Court. In most cases, there are times when things slow down and you are waiting for the next step to occur. Other times, the case progresses rapidly and you will need to maintain continuous contact.

Show Up To Court On Time:

When your attorney advises you of the necessity to make an appearance in court you want to be sure that you arrive to court prior to the starting time. There are typically last minute issues that need to be discussed and many times offers to settle and plea negotiations happen right up until the time the case is about to be called. Be aware that there will also be times that court proceedings will be running late and you may sit around waiting for your case to be resolved. Even though this may occur on occasion, nevertheless, you need to be prepared for the case to be resolved at the time set by the court.

Dress Appropriately For Court:

A court appearance is an important proceeding and there is a certain amount of proper decorum that must be followed. Obviously the attorneys wear suits to court for a reason, likewise, as a litigant or defendant in a court case you should be professionally attired when making an appearance in a courtroom.

Be Truthful:

The Attorney/Client privilege is an important component of the relationship between you and your lawyer. Anything you say to your lawyer is privileged and will not be disclosed to anyone without your knowledge and consent. In order for your attorney to make the best judgment about how to proceed with your case, the attorney needs to know truthful, accurate, and complete information from you so that there will be no surprises when appearing in court. You do not want to withhold information that your attorney will then learn for the first time while standing in front of the court.

Information relating to any prior arrest history or information relating to any other witness that may be helpful to your case should be discussed with your attorney very early in the representation.

Maintaining a great working relationship with your counsel will provide you with the best opportunity for a successful outcome.














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