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June 13, 2005, Michael Jackson Found Not Guilty of Child Molestation Charges - Today in Crime History

On this day, June 13, in the year 2005, pop music super star Michael Jackson was found not guilty at a jury trial on fourteen different criminal charges regarding allegations that he had molested one child, at times in the presence of that’s child’s brother.  The charges included seven counts of child molestation (lewd acts upon a child), conspiracy to commit child abduction, conspiracy to commit false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit extortion and four counts of providing alcohol to a minor.   In total, Michael Jackson was charged with ten felony charges and four misdemeanor charges, all involving the same two brothers who were under the age of fourteen at the time of the alleged events.

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March 5, 1994, Grace Slick Arrested For Aiming Gun At Police Officer - Today In Crime History

On this date, March 5, in the year 1994, former Jefferson Starship lead singer, Grace Slick, was arrested for pointing a firearm at a police officer who was responding to a call that shots had been fired at her house.  Law enforcement officers from the Tiburon California Police Department went to the singer's home after receiving a call at 3:30 a.m. from an inebriated man who said a drunken woman was firing a gun in the home.  When police officers arrived, a man came to the door yelling ''kill me,'' the police reported.  An officer quickly subdued the man.   Grace Slick then came to the door carrying a shotgun and allegedly pointed it at the officers.  Slick was demanding that the officers leave her property as she pointed the firearm at them, police said.

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May 4, 1970, Four Kent State University Students Killed By Ohio National Guard - Today In Crime History

On this date, May 4, in the year 1970, four students were killed and nine others wounded when members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire during a Vietnam War protest.  Approximately 67 shots were fired by the guardsmen over thirteen seconds.  Jeffrey Glenn Miller, age 20, was shot through the mouth and killed instantly.  Allison B. Krause, age 19,was shot in the chest and died later that day.  William Knox Schroeder, age 19, was also shot in the  chest and died almost an hour later in a hospital while undergoing surgery.  Sandra Lee Scheuer, age 20, was shot in her neck and died within a few minutes from loss of blood.  Among the wounded was Dean R. Kahler, who was shot in the back, causing permanent paralysis from the chest down.  All of those killed or wounded were unarmed.

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April 30, 1871, Settlers In Arizona Murder More Than 100 Indian Women & Children - Today In Crime History

On this date, April 30, in the year 1871, more than one hundred Apache Indians in Arizona were murdered by local settlers in what became known as the Camp Grant massacre.  Apaches refer to the site as g’ashdla a cho o aa or “big sycamore standing there,” with the unspoken understanding of what took place.

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January 30, 1956, Martin Luther King Jr’s Home Bombed In Montgomery, Alabama - Today in Crime History

On this day, January 30, in the year 1956, the home of Reverend Martin Luther King was bombed in Montgomery, Alabama.  To this day no person has ever been prosecuted for this violent criminal act.

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January 18, 1981, Plasmatics’ Wendy O. Williams Arrested For Obscenity - Today In Crime History

On this day, January 28, in the year 1981, Plasmatics band member Wendy O. Williams was arrested on an obscenity charge for allegedly simulating a sexual act with a sledge hammer.  During her physical arrest, Williams was injured and was also charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

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January 17, 1989, Patrick Purdy Kills Five School Children, Wounds Thirty Others - Today In Crime History

On this day, January 17, in the year 1989, at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California, Patrick Purdy shot and killed five schoolchildren, and wounded 29 other children and one teacher, before committing suicide.  This event became known as the Cleveland School massacre.

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January 12, 1991, Reverend Al Sharpton Stabbed While Protesting - Today In Crime History

On this day, January 12, in the year 1991, civil rights activist Al Sharpton was stabbed while leading a protest.  The attacker, Michael Riccardi, would later be convicted and sentenced to prison.

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January 11, 1794, Robert Forsyth Becomes 1st U.S. Marshal Killed In Line Of Duty - Today In Crime History

On this day, January 11, in the year 1794, Robert Forsyth became the first U.S. Marshal killed in the line of duty.

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January 10, 1994, Lorena Bobbitt’s Trial For Severing Husband’s Penis Begins - Today In Crime History

On this day, January 10, in the year 1994, Lorena Bobbitt's jury trial for cutting her husband’s penis off began.  She would ultimately be found not guilty by reason of insanity. 

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Jan 9, 1979, Supreme Court Strikes Law Requiring Abortion Doctors Preserve Fetus' Life - Today In Crime History

On this date, January 9, in the year 1979, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Pennsylvania law that subjected abortion providers to criminal sanctions if they failed to attempt to preserve the life of a fetus when there is "sufficient reason to believe that the fetus may be viable" or when the fetus “is viable.”

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January 6, 1909, Young Afro-American, Arthur Davis, Lynched For Injuring Mule - Today In Crime History

On this day, January 6, in the year 1909, a young Afro-American, Arthur Davis, was lynched in Florence, South Carolina, for injuring a mule owned by a prominent white family.

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January 5, 1968, Dr. Benjamin Spock Indicted For Conspiracy To Aid Draft Dodgers - Today In Crime History

On this day, January 5, in the year 1968, a federal grand jury indicted child psychologist Dr. Benjamin Spock and four others for conspiring to aid draft dodgers.  Spock was tried and convicted, but his conviction was later overturned on appeal.

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January 4, 1923, White Mob Destroys Small Black Community In Rosewood, Florida - Today In Crime History

On this date, January 4, in the year 1923, a white vigilante mob began a two day rampage, resulting in the burning and dislocation of the small Afro-American community of Rosewood Florida.

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January 3, 1967, Beach Boy Carl Wilson Becomes A Draft Dodger - Today In Crime History

On this day, January 3, in the year 1967, Carl Dean Wilson, of the band the “Beach Boys,” refused to be drafted for military service, leading to his indictment and criminal prosecution for draft evasion.

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January 2, 1932, Two Brothers Kill Six Police Officers Near Brookline, Missouri - Today In Crime History

On this date, January 2, in the year 1932, two brothers, Harry and Jennings Young, killed six law enforcement officers who were trying to arrest them just outside Brookline, Missouri.  Known as the “Young Brothers Massacre,” it was the worst single gun battle killing of U.S. police officers in the 20th century.

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December 30, 1994, Abortion Foe John Salvi Attacks Clinics in Brookline, MA, Killing Two - Today In Crime History

On this day, December 30, in the year 1994, John Salvi, III, carried out fatal attacks at two Planned Parenthood reproductive health clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts.  During the attacks he shot and killed two receptionists and wounded five other individuals.

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December 29, 1975, Bomb Explodes At La Guardia Airport Killing 11, Injuring 74 - Today In Crime History

On December 29, 1975, a bomb, with the blasting capacity of 25 sticks of dynamite, exploded in the main terminal at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, killing 11 and injuring 74 others.  The explosive device had been placed in a coin operated locker near a luggage pickup carousel.

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December 28, 1987, Ronald Simmons Kills 2, Later 14 Bodies Of Relatives Discovered, Today In Crime History

On this day, December 28, in the year 1987, Ronald Gene Simmons shot and killed two people and wounded three others in the course of a shooting rampage in the town of Russellville, Arkansas.  After police apprehended Simmons, they searched his home in nearby Dover, Arkansas, and discovered the bodies of 14 members of Simmons' family, all of whom had been murdered.

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December 27, 1900, Prohibitionist Carrie Nation Smashes Saloon In Wichita, Kansas - Today In Crime History

On this day, December 27, in the year 1900, prohibitionist Carrie Nation entered the bar at the  Hotel Carey in Wichita, Kansas, and began destroying the interior.  The hotel bar gained nation-wide recognition after the militant prohibitionist waged her attack.

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