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Each lawyer in this firm has more than 25 years experience practicing criminal defense in Gainesville, Florida and surrounding areas, including Alachua, Levy, Bradford, Union and Gilchrist Counties.

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Have you been charged with Assault or Battery in Gainesville?

The crime of “assault” involves the intentional threat to use force against another, with the apparent ability to carry out the threat, that puts the other person in fear of injury.  “Battery” is the actual touching or striking of another person against their will.  The penalties for these offenses can involve years in prison depending on whether there are aggravating circumstances alleged involving weapons, firearms or serious injury.  If you are facing assault or battery charges, including allegations of aggravated assault or aggravated battery,  you need to take action now to protect your freedom by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Gainesville, Florida.  The attorneys at DeThomasis & Buchanan each have more than 25 years experience practicing law in Gainesville, Florida, representing individuals in criminal cases, including assault and battery charges.  Your employment of an experienced and competent assault and battery attorney will increase the likelihood of the charges against you being reduced or dismissed.

Experienced Assault & Battery Defense Attorney in Gainesville

At DeThomasis & Buchanan we understand that unexpected incidents occur that can result in a criminal charge of assault or battery.  An individual can do things in the heat of the moment that one later regrets.  An individual may be responding to a threat made by another person.  Sometimes a person charged with assault or battery was really only defending him or herself.  The attorneys at DeThomasis & Buchanan are ready to listen and do what is needed to help you through the legal process.  The DeThomasis & Buchanan law firm provides criminal defense services in the Gainesville, Florida area including Alachua, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy and Union counties.  Our assault and battery defense attorneys have over 25 years each of criminal defense experience.  

How we may proceed in the defense of Assault & Battery charges:

After interviewing the accused person to learn all the facts about what happened, an experienced criminal defense attorney will assist in an investigation of the incident to uncover all evidence available.  An investigator may be hired to speak with witnesses or gather relevant evidence.  An experienced assault and battery attorney will examine the evidence that the state is planning to use to prove it’s case. Throughout the process, an attorney with more than 25 years experience will be seeking opportunities to press the prosecutor for a dismissal or reduction of charges.

Contact a Gainesville Assault & Battery Defense Lawyer at DeThomasis & Buchanan for experienced and effective defense of your charge.